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Getting to Your Happy Place

I'm sitting here listening to my music on a Sunday night a 9:44 pm.  Chillin, drinking my water (yeah, I said and reading up on financial information (Private Banking Blueprint).  As I was once told that I was an awkward bizarre bitch, I got angry at first.  But then I realized, that shit is  And I embrace it more and more each day.  I respect my bizarreness, l love my awkwardness, I enjoy the bitchness that I carry when it comes to the forefront to prevent any drama filled situations in my life.  I will be a bitch all day long to protect my peace.  Don't get it twisted.  My bitchness helps protect me from drama.  

In the midst of all that, I still found peace and happiness within myself.  I'm not the one to come home and turn on the TV.  I'm a music type of person and music calms me.  And don't let me find a song that I really like,  I will play it back to back to back!  My son hates It puts me in a pleasant mood.  Therefore, my music in my home is playing all the time.  Music like slow love songs is playing while I'm exercising. Music is playing in my car.  Music is playing while I'm reading. Soft Chakra music plays while I sleep.  Why so much music?  It's my happy place.  My peaceful aura.  Getting to my happy place is me being that awkward bizarre bitch.  AND I LOVE IT! (wink).  What's your Happy Place?  If you don't know...go find it! 

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