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How I lost some weight

Have you ever done something just to try it out with no expectations?  Then to your surprise, it exceeded the expectations?  The best feeling ever when you get those positive results.  That's exactly how it happened with me on losing 17 lbs!  I knew I had lost some weight but didn't realize how awesome the results came out to be.   

I was in the car driving with my son and I was telling him about how people were asking how much weight I had lost.  I had felt a little lighter but not that much to where I had noticed.  He stated that I did lose alot of weight.  I was like "really?"  He said  yes, because my belly no longer sticks out from under the car seatbelt.  LMAOOOO.... I looked down and was like "You're right! Well I'll be damn".  LOL... I crack up every time I think about that day.  And all I did was exercise at least 2-3 times a week, modify my eating like not eating alot of bread, drinking tons of water, eating lots of protein with added vegetables.  What really helped me was that I had started taking the Iaso Detox Tea, Nutraburst which is a liquid multivitamin and the Resolution Drops.  And boom! 17 lbs lighter.  I was so excited that I decided to start selling the products.  I truly believe in these products because it worked for me.  

If you are serious about losing the weight, check out my website at  You can also follow me on Instagram (@worthacious) and click the link in that bio.  I have several posts about the products and the foods I eat to stay healthy.  I have 20 more pounds to go to reach my goal.  Many can't tell because I hold my weight very well.  But the difference is, that I'm not trying to look good in whatever I wear.  I'm trying to look good naked.  #goal2020


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