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Sexual Energy

This can be a touchy subject for some and educational to others. This is not for those who are engaged, married or already in a committed relationship.  This is for those who are truly single and looking for a love commitment.  I will say this upfront. I am not a relationship counselor or advisor.  What I put in this blog is merely by my own life experiences or articles I have read.  My thoughts is an opinion and it's like an asshole.  Everybody got one and it's nothing special.  Take it for what it is or don't take it at all.  Reader's choice. 

Let's get to the nitty gritty.  When you are having sex with someone, believe it or not, it is an exchange of energy/spirit.  You must be very careful about who you choose to sleep with.  Having sex with the wrong person with energy that does not vibe with yours can result in a disasterous breakup. Stop being so quick to jump in bed without getting to know that person or feeling what that person is about.  Stunning beauty and handsome looks will deter one from wanting to take that time to get to know a person.  This can cause one to make a poor life choice of jumping straight into sex only to find out that the person is not mentally or emotionally stable.  I'm not talking about psycho crazy n the mind.  I am talking about a person who wears their heart on their sleeve or fall in love quickly.  That is a person who is emotionally driven which is not good.  Drama and stress comes from those type of people.  

Back in the day, Steve Harvey talked about the 90 day rule and some people thought it was some bullshit.  However, there are valid reasons for this.  Just in case a person who you have met is faking it or not being honest about who they are, it will eventually come out within or near that timeframe.  Psychological a person cannot pretend that long period of time. Slowly their true colors will come out.  This is why an average relationship breakup is around the 3/4 month period.  A pro pretender will go 5/6 months out.  Now you have wasted your energy on someone who never had good intentions for you in the first place.  And no one is to blame but yourself.  Guard your heart by guarding your energy and observing what type of energy your prospect possesses before the actual act of sex.  Sexual energy  must have equal or compatible vibes for the relationship to flourish. Not everyone should have the privilege to access your energy. 

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