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Start that Side Hustle Sis!

Times are not the same as when our parents or grandparents lived in.  The whole economy, world, and mentality is different.  But the one thing that stands is the side hustle game.  Think about it, how many family members do you know that worked two or more jobs?  Just about everyone at one point in time.  This economy is not made to just live off of one income anymore.  But understand that having a side hustle doesn't necessarily mean that  you are struggling.  It just means that financial stability is on your mind and your main focus.  

I'm an avid reader of books and a listener of audio and webinars.  One of the most types of information that I read is about building wealth and self development.  Napoleon Hill is one of my favorite authors because he dedicated his life to researching how the successful people who became millionaires think, move and live.  They have extensive habits that forces that wealth to fall into their hands.  However, there are many sacrifices that comes with that.  Some of the sacrifices are so simple that an average person will overlook or just choose not to take the time to do what is needed to gain wealth.  Don't get me wrong, wealth is not accumulated overnight and it does take time and patience.  Something that most of us do not choose to practice.  

Anyway, I'm sure you have heard the term "make your passion your paycheck and you will never work a day in your life."  How is that done?  Find what you love to do, study the wolves in the industry and go for it.  Get that LLC, EIN, business bank account, a business email and phone number.  During the startup phase, you're going to dedicate most of your time researching and doing things to get the momentum going. Here's a few general tips:

1.  Spend less than you earn:  Stop impulsive buying, eating out all the time, and hanging out with friends every weekend because we all know hanging out with friends will entice you to spend more than expected. Just hang out every now and then until you have hit that financial goal.

2.  Invest your savings so it will grow without your active intervention:  Save 10% of your earned income and put it into a private banking life insurance policy.  Not the bank!.  Go to

3.  Learn and study Marketing.  That will be the most important aspect of your business.  Real Talk!  Join webinars, read books, listen to audios, hire a business mentor or life coach.  Educate yourself in the marketing game.  Watch YouTube.

It's hard enough trying to live off of one income.  Or your reason may not be to make more money.  Some people do it just to get from under an employer and working to make other people rich with no freedom.  Whatever your reason is.... Start that side hustle Sis! 

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