Wearing Face Masks As The New Norm

Worthacious thoughts

Who would have thought that wearing a face mask as a mandatory action would be an everyday thing?  Well, not I!  However, once I became used to it, I took a snippet of positive vibes in order to help make the adjustment less painful.  And how did I do that you may ask?  By making it a fashion statement!  

I searched for outfits that allow me to wear my face mask with a matching design.  I love the compliments that comes with it when I am out in public doing my thing and all the attention I get.  Check out the tab labeled "2 piece sets" on my website or the "Face masks" tab and order yours.  Don't be like everyone else with the boring blue disposable face masks.  Who wants to be like the crowd where you blend in? Wearing those type of face mask, you can't stand out and be different.  Be you, be Worthacious! 

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