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Will it hurt?

No one likes to hurt.  It's not the best of feelings.  When it comes to hearing or speaking the truth, will you spare that person's feelings or go straight to the point with honesty? Me personally, I prefer to hear the truth even if it hurts.  Why is that?  Because I can always recover from the hard truth and work on me than to live with a lie.  Living in a falsehood state of lies generate hurt that will continue to grow and fester within you or your situation.  It doesn't get better.  Lies grow and get bigger.  One lie and then you have to tell another lie to cover the first one.  And the cycle begins.  The hard truth allows (at least me) to confront this hurtful truth, gather strength from within my spirit to fix what is needed and readjust to grow in grace.  The hurt is eventually replaced with good intentions which brings about positive change.  Lies will never let a person grow.  It holds them down only for it to get worse. 

If that person offends you, hurt your feelings, done something behind your back negatively or gossip about  you to others, let them know  how you feel about it.  In a domestic type of way (non violent) lol.  I have to put that in there for some people believe it or not.  Some people can hurt other people's feelings without knowing it.  If you don't tell the truth about how it made you feel, that person will continue to do that exact same thing to you.  And then you are feeling some type of way.  All because you didn't speak up and be honest.   Tell the truth.  As the say.... The truth shall set you free....

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